Internet service providers (ISP) offers internet access to diverse users like community-owned organization, non-profit or privately owned organizations. The kind of internet services that are provided by the users includes internet transit and access, Web hosting, Usenet service, domain name registration and colocation.

Bigpond Customer Support better known as Telstra is an Australian company which provides reliable internet services as well as email services to its customers. It is very stable and secure. Based in Melbourne, it is Australia’s largest provider of cable internet access. Also, the multinational company offers other types of internet access- through Mobile Broadband, Satellite Internet, and Dial-up connection.

Are you facing Trouble with your BigPond Emails settings?

Telstra email provider offers its customers with the facility of having a primary mailbox and email address at the moment you join but also provides the option to have an access of additional 14 mailboxes, each with a particular email address. Sometimes due to the closed mailbox for more than six months, if you are not able to reopen your account or are no longer displayed under My Services, then you need proper support for that which we can provide you.

Are you unable to Access your Account after moving your email contents, calendars, and contacts?

If you manually move all your contacts, email contents and calendars to Telstra Mail and continue to view emails by changing the email settings, then you may face problems while accessing, sending or receiving emails as Microsoft might automatically remove the contents of emails as per their mail aging policy over time. Then the first step that you should take is that you should forward all your emails from your to your Telstra mail account and then communicate with our experts to give you proper guidance.

Regardless of that, there are several other problems like you may have excessive spam emails in your mailbox, you may not be able to configure BigPond email id or facing issues with email settings etc.

Our Bigpond Customer Support Services offer the following assistance to our customers

  • Help to configure BigPond email id and Log in issues
  • Support you to resolve issues relating to sending and receiving emails
  • Help you in adding attachment files in your BigPond email account
  • Assist you to change or resolve all your POP, IMAP, SMPT email settings
  • Deal with issues if you are unable to open or close an additional mailbox

Our group is made up of highly-educated professionals who have been in this business for years. Apart from being fast in giving you support, we are also very efficient in our work, as we use cutting-edge technology for troubleshooting all your BigPond email problems. Our Bigpond Customer Care is worldwide famous and they are quite affordable for every customer.

Contact Bigpond Customer Care Service Number +1-800-369-9409 for Help

Whenever you notice that something is wrong with your BigPond webmail account, call us at our toll-free Bigpond Technical Support  +1-800-369-9409. You can even mail us at our mail account and describe your problem. In that case, if the problem is of simple type, then you will get your solutions through mail only but if it’s a complex one, then you will get a call from our experts for resolving the issue.