Bigpond is a renowned email service provider used worldwide. It is formerly known as Telstra Media and is Australia’s largest known ISP. The company was first incorporated in 1996 which is based in Melbourne. It offers improved features with better compatibility. It features include increased mailbox storage for emails and attachments. There are various types of internet services that it provides such as naked DSL, ADSL, Dial-up, Satellite and Mobile broadband. This email service ensures high security which is our top priority.

Issues that you may encounter with your Bigpond Email Account:

There may be possibilities of numerous issues that a user can confront while using their email. Thousands of questions come to your mind while using an email. We understand the need for an expert’s guidance to get your queries resolved and answered. Some of the most common Bigpond Faq  are:

What is the function of Bigpond Mailbox?

As Bigpond is a distinguished email service popularly available. The unique features make it handy and much more manageable. It offers a consistent and straightforward email experience across mobile tablets and computers. It provide us increased storage to 10GB. It guards your emails with advanced security and spam filtering. It has a consistent look that attracts users.

Is Auto-responders available with Bigpond Email?

Yes, there is an availability of autoresponders with the emails. An autoresponder is an email address which helps to send an automated response to every email address it receives messages. From the hosting control panel, it enables to define the subject and content of the email.

What is Bigpond email redirect feature?

It is an email address contrary to the email account which does not contain mailbox. Instead, it helps to forward emails to a set of email addresses. This feature is also available in our email service.

What is Bigpond Webmail?

It enables us easy access to emails from the web from sitting in any remote location that has an internet connection. It also offers pre-installed webmail facility that is easily accessible. Alternatively, the hosting plans allow a vast variety of customizable webmail applications.

 What are the spam and unsolicited emails policy in Bigpond?

Bigpond does not tolerate the sending of unsolicited commercial email or spam at all. It believes in immediate terminating the domain without warning, refund which sends this sort of emails. These activities are not at all encouraged by Bigpond email service. People can avail a safe and secure connection with this email service.

Get in touch by calling at +1-800-369-9409:

We suggest our users call our toll-free number +1-800-369-9409 whenever noticed any glitches with your email account. As soon as you call us, your problem becomes our concern. It doesn’t matter how big or small the problem is our team excels in solving any issue in a less possible time. Our callers and experts are dedicated to providing a satisfactory answer to all your Bigpond Technical Support. Do not think twice while giving a buzz at our customer care number. Get in touch and experience the best email service.